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Schools and Clubs Love Us!

Not only can SpiritThreads provide your team, group or club with custom spirit wear, we can also turn your spirit wear campaign into a fundraising campaign.   Once you pick the designs and items you would like your team or club members to choose from, we will set up a special page on our website and they can begin shopping.  The difference between our set minimum prices and the selling price will go back to you as fundraising funds.  

  • You pick the price from a set minimum and keep the difference

  • No order forms

  • No time wasted sorting order forms

  • Never handle checks or cash again

Please contact us today if you would like to set up a fundraiser for your team, group or club.  We can't wait to create something unique for your team or group!  

You Pick The Designs

No Order Forms

Never Handle Cash or Checks Again

Easy Hassle-Free Fundraising 

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